Get Started

Follow these five steps to get started!

Five Steps of the Back to School Book Drive

Step 1: Collect your books! Start your own collection drive - put up flyers and find places to host collection boxes. Make sure to decide on a timeline!

Step 2: Package your books up - and make sure to count them!

Step 3: Send your books to a Cradles to Crayons location, or give to your local library or nonprofit.

Step 4: Log your total number of books with the Impact Form and receive your award!

Step 5: Celebrate! Check out the Book Tracker, and spread the word about your success.

Here's an example flyer to help with your brainstorming!

Send your books to one of Cradles to Crayons's three locations:


281 Newtonville Ave

Newtonville, MA 02460


4700 Wissahickon Ave Suite 142,

Philadelphia, PA 19144


2500 W Bradley Place

Chicago, IL 60618

Or donate them to your local library or nonprofit!